Grove Guesthouse offers more than just a sleep-and-go environment.  It caters for those who would love for their surroundings to provide them with the comfort they had at home.

It is the passion of this guest house to make you as comfortable as you can be.  Guests can enjoy a lounge and dining or kitchen area.  The rooms are usually combined with 1 lounge area and 1 kitchen area.  Guests can also enjoy the comfort of traditional furniture.  Some rooms offer wardrobes and bed-side tables.

A sleep-and-go is a must for some.  They enjoy the minimalism of ‘room only’ environments.  Grove Guesthouse also caters for those who would rather prefer this above the flat-like rooms.

Still, the flat-like surroundings make it easier for guests to get comfortable.  Some lounge areas offer the luxury of sitting back and watching some television.  Grove Guesthouse offer their guests two types of entertainment depending on the room you choose.  Starsat has 40 channels to choose from and 20 music channels.  Other rooms have the luxury of a full DSTV package.

Guests can be assured of the comfort that Grove Guesthouse offers.  It will truly feel like your home away from home…

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