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More than just a room

Take a luxurious bath

Enjoy nature

Feast on culture-friendly dishes

Pricing Plan

Basic Booking
from R400/person

Single, double or triple bookings can be made. Discounts are applied for any person add to a booking.
R300/person – double booking.
R200 for 3rd person

This rate excludes meal plans.

Industrial Groups
Rate according to size

Companies are welcome to book a long term stay for industrial groups working in this part of the province. Rates will be quoted according to the size of the group.

This rate excludes meal plans.

Quarantine Booking
from R700/person

Grove Guesthouse is a registered quarantine facility and offer extended packages for guests who have traveled outside the borders.
This rate includes:
3 meals, 3 beverages, daily screening, 3 x sanitize.

R120 – Wash and Iron
R50 – Shopping

As an extra service, Grove Guesthouse offers a laundry service and a personal shopper service.

Group Booking of 4 or more peopleR200 per person