Comfort and Traditional
Come relax
Another room forming part of the self-catering deluxe with two single beds and the comfort of sharing a large lounge.
This is a guest room that offers all you need in a flat-like space.  Perfect for guests who love to cook and lounge in a large space.
Love dark wood?  Then you will feel right at home in this cabin-like suite.
Fit for travelers who would like the comfort of a sleeping space, but do not require huge living spaces.
Modern colours, enough space and such a nice little nook for breakfast and relaxation.
Perfect for guests who would like to stay on a budget.  This room is beautiful, yet small and provide minimal features.
With a gorgeous view of the swimming pool and nature, this is the best room to book if you would like to relax on the balcony.
Warm colours and spacious.  Features a large room with a double bed plus a single room for an extra person.
With a gush of sunlight through the window, this is a room for people who love light.  Spacious and practical.
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